1980 LX w/ GEM Top GT Shell in Brookings, OR


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Asking Price: $4,900 $4,500 (Final Sale Price)

1980 Brookings OR

Key Truck Features

  • Model Year: 1980
  • Odometer: 205,700
  • Engine: 4 Cylinders
  • Transmission: Manual
  • Color: Brown

Contact Info

  • City/Area: Brookings
  • State/Region: Oregon
  • Contact Name: SOLD!
  • Phone: SOLD!
  • Email: SOLD!

More Details & Pictures

1980 VW Rabbit LX Diesel Pick Up, w/1981 1.6L engine, 5 speed manual transmission. 205,700mi on the chassis; 5,200mi on completely rebuilt engine w/new Aluminum head. We’ve owned it 11yrs now and driven it 5,200mi. We bought it in 2008 thinking fuel costs would rise significantly. These little diesels are known to get 50+ mpg. The engine is not fully broken in; mileage should improve. We’ve not driven further than Crescent City and Gold Beach, 30mi. Our mileage was 45mpg. The Rabbit has mostly been stored all these years. We get it out in the summer and drive it enough to keep the seals soft. The later-model VW seats are in good condition and very comfortable.

Since buying the Rabbit, we’ve replaced the alternator, master brake cylinder, had a brand new Aluminum head installed, had a new heater blower motor installed, and installed new taillights. New parts are available for the VW Rabbit PU; I believe it’s still sold in Europe under the model name, ‘Caddy’. It needs a new headliner, about $125. Included below is a link to the original eBay sale with more detailed information. Some information is dated; details of the engine rebuild, brakes, glass, etc are relevant. Engine and underside images are from the original eBay ad.

More Info: http://ferrycreek.com/rabbit/

New Information: Yesterday, preparing to show the Rabbit, I washed it and discovered a few spots of rust. It was originally from Ashland,OR, an inland community. The Rabbit has always been kept in our tractor shop and we’ve seldom needed to wash it. Without my glasses, I’d not noticed these spots. I uploaded images of these spots today. Close up of rust around side-trim hole is left lower front fender is the worst spot. Another image shows light spots on passenger door. It appears the Rabbit was not correctly prepared in some places before painting. We’ve reduced the price. Sale includes a GEM TOP GT shell, SN# EOO-60221, two tires used 200mi, and a couple boxes of VW Rabbit stuff. Discoloration on shell top is stain from Alder tree. It may come off with the right application.

Price was: $5,400; Now: $4,900. Email for more information, images, or appointment.

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