1981 1.6L Diesel Beverly MA

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Key Ad Information

-Source: Craigslist
-State: Massachusetts
-City: Beverly
-Asking Price: $3,500
-Contact: Email Seller

Key Vehicle Data

-Model Year: 1981
-Engine: 1.6 liter diesel
-Transmission: Manual
-Miles: 176,675
-Color: Blue

Description: The sad day has come. I have decided to sell my dearest Greased Rabbit. This truck has carried my butt through thick
and thin, all over California, through Baja, across the United States several times, driven
to Mount Washington, and everywhere in between. She’s a southern bell crossed with a west coast dream girl (California and Louisiana) and has almost no rust,
and a mostly perfect body. She was setup to run Vegetable oil, and has a two tank heat exchange system included, mostly ready to go with the addition of
a fuel selector switch and valve, but can be run like normal on diesel fuel as well. Front wheel drive which is great in the snow, and comes with chains.
Five speed transmission, 1.6 liter diesel motor, last time I checked the fuel economy I was about 42 mpg around town.

The Good-

Within the last 7 years these items have been replaced or added.
Undercarriage protection spray
Rebuilt injection pump (one year old)
Rebuilt Engine
Wheel Bearings
Wheel cyclinders
Clutch Fork, and Push rod
Throwout Bearing
Fan switch
Vacuum Pump
Diaphragm on brake booster vacuum
Radio with ipod jack
Herculiner bedliner
Custom weather-tight toolbox
Includes extra motor!!!
Built in PA

I have receipts and records for almost all work done.

The Bad-

In early 2013 I purchased a new battery for her, and it short circuited on the hood igniting a small engine fire. Luckily we got it put out within a few minutes.
The fire melted wires, and other plastic engine components. I spent the rest of the year rebuilding, rewiring, and putting back together.
Unfortunately I did not get the engine timing correct, and the upon starting her back up bent the valves.

I purchased a working pull replacement motor from a fellow in PA, with the grand intentions of replacing it and getting it back on the road.
Unfortunately I don’t have a shop where I can work on it, and got a new job in Gloucester which occupies much of my spare time.

What she needs to be road worthy- A new head, and engine work (or swap the engine), a new brake master cylinder and reservoir and probably some other bits and pieces. I’ve done most the rewiring work already.

I originally purchased the truck for $5,000 and put $4,000 into her with new parts and an engine rebuild. I’d like to get at least $3,500 for the truck, the spare engine, all the manuals and others parts.
Please feel free to make me an offer I can’t refuse!

Below is the original text from the ad when I purchased her.

148k mi, 5 spd, 1.6L diesel with 2-tank veg oil conversion – works perfectly, fires right up and runs like a top on diesel or veg oil. Stock tank holds oil,
5 gallon tank in bed holds diesel. Minimal amount of diesel is used for starting. Pollack/fuel-selector valve is right up tight to the injection pump to
minimize diesel purging time. New: heated filter element, injection line heaters, glow plug override w/ rocker switch, battery brain drain protector, cv joints,
clutch, diaphragm on brake booster vacuum, tires, battery, headliner (done by me, not perfect, but a vast improvement with respect to function and style),
radio with ipod jack,herculiner bedliner, custom weather-tight toolbox with extra lock – built into the bed without any significant alterations – could be removed.
Original paint looks good, minor dings/scratches – nothing major.
Everything works, except for windshield washer (non-issue in san diego). Wiper switch is loose, but i have it rigged up to work fine. Scott at VW Paradise in San Marcos checked the valves and timing, he said everything
seems right on. This has been a project car for me, my 3rd WVO conversion, and I’ve poured a lot of thoughtful effort and $$$ into it. I’m proud of it.
It’s been my daily driver for about 6 months now and I’ve enjoyed it. In the end, however, I need something bigger. I’m in over $7k on this truck –
while I don’t expect to get all of that back, it should indicate what I know this truck is worth.


Truck Photos

1981 Beverly MA

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