1981 1.9L Manual Chicago IL

No Longer Available

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Key Ad Information

-Source: Craigslist
-State: Illinois
-City: Chicago
-Asking Price: $4,390
-Contact: No Longer Available

Key Vehicle Data

-Model Year: 1981
-Engine: 1.9L
-Transmission: Manual
-Miles: 287,096
-Color: Green

Description: Straight to you from California! Well, I drove it back a couple years ago and this has been my beloved car, a loyal daily driver and long haul trucker. I’ve since taken her to Alabama, the UP, etc. Loud and strong!

I’ve used it for hauling lots of wood around town and for longer trips. I’ll miss this gem but I have a van now for my larger needs.

So what’s been done?
This has a 1.9L diesel engine which gives it way more pickup than the standard 1.6L. So this was probably swapped at some point.
New front shocks ($600)
Two new Michelin Defender tires (for the right buyer, I’d match these two with two more Defenders)
New battery last year
New starter
New clutch cable

Not brand new but very little rust since El Cagreeno came from Los Angeles. Brake vacuum pump is incorrect but I’ve driven this way since I bought it. No heater core. Drivers door handle is sticking lately but I can get this fixed if it’s a “sticking” point. I’m motivated to move on with my life!

People will stare and ask questions as you roll around town or country. This car has a lot of character! Most common question: “What *is* that?”

On the front is a tow bar, which cost me about $500 to install the brackets for. So if you want to flat tow this behind your motorhome, you can just hook it right up! Negotiably included is a Roadmaster Stowmaster 5000 tow bar, and which also runs about $500 new.

On the back there is a preinstalled tow ball for light hauling.

I’m usually in Bridgeport or Rogers Park.
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1981 Chicago IL

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