1981 4spd Manual Oklahoma City OK

*Last Updated – 12/7/2016

Key Ad Information

-Source: Direct
-State: Oklahoma
-City: Oklahoma City
-Asking Price: $7,000

Key Vehicle Data

-Model Year: 1981
-Engine: GO-EV Electric WarP9
-Transmission: 4 Speed Manual
-Miles: Not Listed
-Color: Red

Description: This vehicle has the gasoline motor replaced with the awesome GO-EV WarP9 Electric motor.
It has a 72 volt motor controller good for 250 Amps.


There is an on-board charger (110vac) and a quick-charge charger requiring 220 vac input, both are included in the price.

The top is chopped by 4″ and the door handles removed (electrical locks).
Last summer it was finished in Bright Chevy RED / grey interior.
Instrumentation has amp meter showing full amperage current draw of motor @72 volts DC
Auxiliary battery (12 DC) is for instrumentation, headlights, tail lights, radio and door locks.

The photos are from the building stages, the top shown had not yet been chopped.

Must see to appreciate….
looks nice, runs quite….

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***Update – This vehicle is no longer for sale. The Warp9 electric motor has been removed and replacing it with V6 engine. Keeping it in batteries proved to be too costly and using a 72 volt system did not generate enough HP (~20); 144 vdc would generate 40 HP but with 2x the battery cost . The motor will handle 48vdc-300vdc, (higher voltage = more HP with the same amount of current).


Truck Photos

1981 Oklahoma City OK

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