1981 Caddy Grove City OH

No Longer Available

*Please note this ad is a repost

Key Ad Information

-Source: Craigslist
-State: Ohio
-City: Grove City
-Asking Price: $900
-Contact: No Longer Available

Key Vehicle Data

-Model Year: 1981
-Engine: 1.6L
-Transmission: Manual
-Miles: Not Listed
-Color: Custom

Description: If u see the ad up its still for sale.Please read and view pics,  I  can’t give you any additional info then you read above or then you see in pics. If you need more info or want to see more of the truck then you’ll have to come see it in person. Located far west columbus, off norton road, grove city/galloway area. Will consider trades see bottom of ad.
Sorry  I  can’t deliver,  I  don’t have a trailer. Pick up only.

1981 vw diesel rabbit truck / caddy, it’s a project its been sitting a long time. Don’t expect to drive it home. Bring a trailer. Title is in my name and notarized ready to go.

It needs work, it has rust around windshield, rust in the bed, rust inside by drivers side door prev owner put some por15 on that rust, some rust on floor boards, however strut towers looks solid. Interior needs carpet it has no carpet, dash is cracked up, needs new seats, needs small parts here and there. Needs hood latch cable. Needs suspension  I ‘m sure.

I’ve never had it on the street, as  I  bought it for a project also.
I’ve only had it running a few times,  I  never drove it. Currently to get it started you will need to get the glow plugs to have power,  I  replaced the glow plug relay and still not getting power to the glow plugs, from what my bentley manual says the ignition switch may be the next thing to replace. However,  I ‘m no expert, do the research, it’s a project for sure.
The grey paint you see around the strut towers is por15 put on by prev owner as a preventive, but  I  don’t see any rust on the strut towers. View pics. Paint is clearly multi colored, looks like some body work was started.
Cap is on the truck and included,  I  have a front bumper, a door panel, and an extra driver’s side door in bed.

Clean title.
1.6 diesel standard tranny.
Price is $900 – if not interested for that price sorry this one isn’t for you.

Come look at it in person if your interested. Location grove city

May trade for motorcycle with title or motorcycle project. May trade for small utility trailer that  I  can use pull with my car + cash. May trade for s10 square body project. May trade for aircooled volkswagens.


Truck Photos

1981 Grove City OH

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  1. Hello John,

    We suggest to contact seller directly with the above contact info(mail) for your further query about this VW Rabbit Truck, as some seller may not monitor the post/comment here.


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