1981 Caddy V4 Roswell GA

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Key Ad Information

-Source: Craigslist
-State: Georgia
-City: Roswell
-Asking Price: $1,000
-Contact: Wesley (208) 740-4831

Key Vehicle Data

-Model Year: 1981
-Engine: 4 cylinders
-Transmission: Manual
-Miles: 250k
-Color: Grey

Description: This is my Diesel pickup, it was running 6 months ago, I’m pretty sure fuel pump needs replaced is why it will no longer start. (Was turning over) It is turbo diesel, put a new battery in it before it hibernated…cold air intake, definately a project vehicle, not the original diesel motor, was also trying to install an a/c unit into it (did not come with one factory) but never finished…so there is an a/c compressor and condensor but needs the correct blower motor housing installed. Has bmw bottlecap alloy rims with federal tires. New rear tail light housing both sides. New windshield, seats are bad. Headliner needs re-done. Can’t seem to get it into 5 the gear, may be a shift linkage issue…i have its title. vehicle as is…The picture here is when it was running, and I had to tow my mk2 golf home. Lumber rack included. There is a tow bar on the front that makes the truck verry convenient to pull away, hooks up to a I think 2″ ball. I don’t remember. 1 man show.


Truck Photos

1981 Roswell GA

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