1981 Diesel Rockford MI

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Key Ad Information

-Source: Craigslist
-State: Michigan
-City: Rockford
-Asking Price: $1,500
-Contact: Derek @ (616) 970-5382

Key Vehicle Data

-Model Year: 1981
-Engine: Not Listed
-Transmission: Manual
-Miles: 195,000
-Color: Yellow

Description: 1981
195,000K miles

I bought it on ebay from an individual in MN over seven years ago. Before that it was in WA and that is the extent of its history that I know.

Was my daily driver for six years. I did park it for a couple months most winters. And I enjoyed a few long road trips in it when I had a bed in the back.

A waste veggie oil (WVO) system was put in around 2008. I have used the WVO system off and on, when I could get the oil (the hardest part!). Currently the switch doesn’t work (or the wiring got messed up), so I haven’t used the WVO system for a while. I would guess that new switches are in the $60-80 range.

Has never been a great winter starter (it’s diesel), but last summer I had a mechanic put in new glow plugs and relays it started better last winter.

Major repairs: front ball bearings went out 5-6 years ago. Replaced the transmission last summer (with a used one, don’t know how many miles it had on it).

It has its issues:
– leaks from the sunroof someplace when sitting in a steady rain
– cool specially made topper (by an owner before me) is getting worn. If I end up keeping the truck, I would replace this and get new back window glass
– Needs the back window glass – took it out for WVO and roadtripping and have lost it during my moves
– No tail gate
– Could use new tires
– chipping and fading paint
– break in the exhaust line
– chipped windshield
– poor wipers
– radio doesn’t work (I had disconnected the wiring sometime back and have never put it back)
– bent rear bumper
-one tire is missing a lug nut (hole is stripped)–I’ve never had it in
– Driver seat is torn
– headliner is not attached (when the back glass came out)
– ash tray compartment is broke
-one of the hinges to the glove compartment is busted
– plastic is off of the window turn handle
– driver side window rolls down hard
– brakes are soft (I am used to it)
-it is getting around 36mpg

Trying to be thorough, it will need some money put into it, but still has plenty of potential.

Thanks for looking. Not interested in trades.


Truck Photos

1981 Rockford MI

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