1981 GTi 1.8L in Pagosa Springs, CO

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Asking Price: $2,650

1981 Pagosa Springs CO

Key Truck Features

  • Model Year: 1981
  • Odometer: 136,459
  • Engine: 4 Cylinders
  • Transmission: Manual
  • Color: Custom

Contact Info

  • City/Area: Pagosa Springs
  • State/Region: Colorado
  • Contact Name: Lawrence Dick
  • Phone: (970) 264-6919
  • Email: larry901@juno.com

More Details & Pictures

This truck is based on the ever popular fuel injected 1.7 litre small truck made by Volkswagon in the Westmoreland , PA plant from 1980 to 1984 off the Rabbit MK I. They came in gas and diesel variants, but having owned a diesel rabbit in SoCal back in the day, who wants 48hp in the Rockies? Mine was slow at sea level and losing 3.2% of your horsepower per 1,000 feet of altitude- well, you get the drift.

This truck has an upgraded GTi 1.8 litre motor with european “G” grind camshaft. It is rated at 110hp and 112 lb ft of torque. I also installed 5 speed (long box) transmission instead of the 4 speed and it only 85,000 miles on the GTi motor. Chassis has 136,459 miles. It also has low restriction glass pack exhaust with nice mellow tone- not loud.
The chassis is solid and rustfree, and has the desireable factory option sliding glass rear window, dual interior remote control mirrors, leather GTi steering wheel, GTi 14″X6″ alloys with Yokohama AVID H4s in front, and studded snows in rear. It also has the Scirocco lower strut brace and upper GTi strut tower brace. New strut tower bearings, Monroe struts.

It also comes with an extra set of the desireable GTi 14″X6″ alloy rims, along with stock 13″X5″ steels with Hakapallitta studded snow tires and the coveted Wolfburg plastic hubcaps, and two (2) 13″ Scirocco alloys. This is my third VW truck in 30 years of enjoyment , and comes with a mulititude of of valuable spare parts which are no longer in production:

2 (two) tailgates in xlnt rustfree condition, two rear tailight surrounds, a complete exhaust system, fuel tank, a close ratio GTi 5 speed transmission, 2 rack and pinion steering assemblies, a spare door, window glass, 2 spare seats in grey, spare door panels in grey, 2 aluminum fuel injection plenums and airbox, a box of spare relays and electrical parts, a spare front grill, two spare alloy front bumpers, one alloy rear bumper and one aftermarket steel bumper with trailer hitch mount ( I prefer the lean look of the clean rear). I also believe I have a spare solid glass rear window in my inventory. Just the tailgates and very rare tailight surrounds are worth over $1,000.00!

Now, this truck isn’t perfect. I hadn’t driven it for over two years and brake pressure is low, either needs complete bleed and flush of system or a master cylinder, also needs new transmission shift bushings available from Parts Place for $65.00- it is hard to get reverse and selecting gears tricky . .. pretty common. Black drivers seat is torn on bottom left cushion, and a shallow dent behind door on drivers side has the bondo lifting- truck was repainted in 2003 and in spite of being stored in the carport, it is separating. Also minor paint peel at bottom edge of hood where water sits. . . hard to see but there. Was meaning to put Rhino Lining in bed, but didn’t get to it, so a tad scruffy paint wise.

Truck use was mainly for hauling my dirt bike and snowmobile, a load of wood etc. I’ve owned this truck for 15 years, but old age health issues force sale. These little trucks get great gas mileage-handle like a GTi (almost-longer wheelbase) and just fun to drive. Rust free units are getting hard to find.
$2650.00 obo. Sell the spares and net out cheap. You know what these are bringing in tip top shape!
Call if you have any questions. Larry #970-264-6919

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