1981 Manual Wasilla AK

No Longer Available

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Key Ad Information

-Source: Craigslist
-State: Alaska
-City: Wasilla
-Asking Price: $1,500
-Contact: No Longer Available

Key Vehicle Data

-Model Year: 1981
-Engine: Not Listed
-Transmission: 5 Speed Manual
-Miles: Not Listed
-Color: Black & Blue

Description: 1981 Rabbit truck. It’s complete and has a clean title. Diesel engine and a 5 speed manual transmission. Cylinder head is missing. However I have another cylinder head on another engine to replace it. Has some rust but is restorable. Dash pad is perfect. Transmission should have a .71 fifth gear. Tailgate, tail lights, 5th gear, and other parts are worth more than $1,200.

SECOND rabbit truck. Missing the engine, transmission, hood, grill and more. No title. Right front frame horn is bent. However where the first truck is lacking this one makes up for it. The sheet metal on this truck can be used to repair the first one.

1994 VW 2.0 ABA fuel injected gas engine that has a forged crankshaft, piston cooling nozzles, and double valve springs in the cylinder head. Complete with engine wiring harness. This is a Awesome bolt in engine swap into the VW truck. No adapters required.

Asking $1500 OR BEST OFFER. OPEN TO FULL OR PARTIAL TRADES. However, the ONLY trades I am interested in are for 4×4 Quads, or fire arms, or 230 volt mig welder, 17 ” tires and wheels 8x 6.5 for dodge 2500


Truck Photos

1981 Wasilla AK

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