1981 TDI in Daleville, VA

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Asking Price: $6,950

1981 Daleville AL

Key Truck Features

  • Model Year: 1987
  • Odometer: 178,242
  • Engine: 4 Cylinders
  • Transmission: Manual
  • Color: Blue

Contact Info

  • City/Area: Daleville
  • State/Region: Virginia
  • Contact Name: Tim Kuepfer
  • Phone: (540) 598-6045
  • Email: [email protected]

More Details & Pictures

For sale is my 1981 VW Rabbit Pickup TDI! $6950

I am using it now for my commuter and loving it! We are moving to Boston so we need to downsize.

Swapped in a Turbo Diesel from a 1997 Passat. (1.9 TDI engine code 1z)
New timing belt, water pump, pulleys, thermostat, serp belt, motor mounts etc
Runs great, plenty of power, currently does not have an intercooler though.
Has all wiring from 1997 Passat swapped over including the fuse block and instrument cluster.
Fuel guage is not wired up yet otherwise all the other guages work.

5 speed 02A manual transmission from 1997 Passat
New Starter
Has shifter from 1997 Passat. New Cable clutch linkage.

New Strut/Coil Assemblies on the front.
New front brake calipers, pads, and rotors
New rear brake shoes
Tires have lots of life left

New metallic blue paint (was stripped down, small amounts of rust were taken care of, primed, painted with 2 stage urethane)
Bedliner painted on
New taillights and led headlights
Strut towers had no rust, the floor pans are solid.

Lots of sound deadening installed (raamat, foam, MLV)
Stereo and 2 speakers in dash
Seats were dyed with professional formula
Interior wrapped with grey cloth
Wood grain door panels

Like any 1981 caddy, has a couple loose ends to take care of yet to get everything perfect (fuel guage etc)

Photos on Flikr https://www.flickr.com/photos/organize/?start_tab=sets

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