1982 Caddy Bakersfield CA

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Key Ad Information

-Source: Craigslist
-State: California
-City: Bakersfield
-Asking Price: $3,000
-Contact: Maxwell @ (661) 440-4140

Key Vehicle Data

-Model Year: 1982
-Engine: 1.7
-Transmission: 4 Speed Manual
-Miles: 167k
-Color: Blue

Description: I sadly have to part ways with my semi project caddy due to a transfer in my job. I bought the car 2 years ago from an older gentleman here in the central valley with the hopes of resto/modding it. I have restored it to the point of getting it on the road and reliable enough to take it out of town.

The truck is an ’82 1.7 gas motor with a 4 speed. List below is most of what I have done to it, I know I will forget a few things.

Spark plugs/wires
Ignition coil
Valve cover gasket
Injector seats
Injector lines
Fuel dizzy
Air filter
Tb cleaning
Oil change
Coolant change
Front mount
Motor mount
Trans mount
Shifter bushings

Shock mounts
A-arm bushings

New fluid
2 front calipers

Cabby front seats
New head lights
New rear bulbs
New tailgate sticker
New window cranks
Porsche 944 door handles

Other parts included:
Original hub caps (there is only 1 on in the photo)
2 large boxes of spare parts
Original seats
Front bumper (not in pics)
New retro radio
Gti shifter surround for gauges
Full set of mk2 steelies
Bentley manual
Plus whatever else I can find for it

The car is 35 years old its not perfect there are some small dents and dings and the paint isnt perfect.
Long cold start – fuel pressure bleeding off (working on this one)
Gas gauge is a bit off. Just keep it above 1/4 tank.


Truck Photos

1982 Bakersfield CA

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