1982 Manual Snow Camp NC

No Longer Available

*Please note this ad is a repost

Key Ad Information

-Source: Craigslist
-State: North Carolina
-City: Snow Camp
-Asking Price: $2,800
-Contact: No Longer Available

Key Vehicle Data

-Model Year: 1982
-Engine: Not Listed
-Transmission: Manual
-Miles: Not Listed
-Color: Grayish Orange

Description: “Lil’ Rusty” is a diesel dream machine, so fun to drive and gets 45 mpg. been driving/working on it for the past two years and am going back to school across the country and want to pass Lil’ Rusty onto a loving new home. but it is a project!! currently leaks some fuel due to a leaky fuel injection pump. anyone who loves small diesels and loves getting greasy and loves the hot babes you pick up in the cutest truck imaginable should check this one out. comes w/ a “Macho” topper!
ready to do your veggie project? been looking for beauty to completely restore?

the good:
it drives!
replaced front struts, ball joints, wheel bearing assemblies, repacked CV joints/replaced boots
new-er tires

the bad:
leaky fuel injection pump
could use some brake help
last owner redid wiring and it works but looks messy
no spare
broken E-brake
odo/speedo broken (but never been pulled over in it)
as the name suggests, I tore up the carpet in the cab to find some rust holes also in the bed too but angle grinded and fiberglassed those suckers so the rust in the floor in the pictures is just the surface.

included parts:
rear leaf springs
rear shock absorber cartridges
master cylinder
probably some other cool stuff

shoot me an email with a phone number and we can find a time for you to view/drive Lil’ Rusty.
I have the title, gimme cash, and drive it on home!

Truck Photos

1982 Snow Camp NC

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