1983 V4 Manual Orlando OK

No Longer Available

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Key Ad Information

-Source: Craigslist
-State: Oklahoma
-City: Orlando
-Asking Price: $540
-Contact: No Longer Available

Key Vehicle Data

-Model Year: 1983
-Engine: 4 cylinders
-Transmission: Manual
-Miles: 231,500
-Color: Silver

Description: Volkswagen pickup restoration project for sale. Could also salvage the parts to other collectors.

This is a 1983 gasoline model, the last year offered in the USA. It is equipped with factory power steering and air conditioning, rare prior to ’83. These machines were ahead of their time, having fuel injection and the transverse engine/transmission with front wheel drive so common today.

These are great pickups when operational, front wheel drive, extremely fuel efficient, very handy for small hauling errands.

With several other restorations ahead of this one, I just can’t offer the required attention at the moment. I could possibly deliver it for the price of fuel and my time.

This project is a worthwhile challenge, and at the price of just a few suburban fillups. Why not give it a try.


Truck Photos

1983 Orlando OK

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  1. Hello Rolando,

    Please contact seller directly with the above contact number for your further query about this VW Rabbit Truck, as some seller may not monitor the post/comment here.


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