Ad Updates For June 8th, 2016

Hello VW Rabbit Pickup Enthusiasts,

Today (June 8th, 2016), we have listed 10 new Rabbit Pickup ads to our site.  These listings span 7 different states and 2 model years.


Update Summary:

Number of Ads: 10
Model Years: 1981, 1982

See the top 3 listings from the update below.  You can also see the recent ads by using the navigation to the right and selecting United States, viewing the Newest Listings section or by Clicking Here.


1982 Diesel VW Truck in El Dorado Hills CA

1982 El Dorado Hills CA


1982 Volkswagen Rabbit Diesel Pickup. Diesel Engine – 45 to 50mpg! This is before VW lied about their diesels! I bought the truck with the plan of restoring it.

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1981 Rebuilt VW Truck in Southwest Michigan

1981 Southwest MI
1981 volkswagen diesel pick up. Vw only made these from 1981-1983 most were gas this is a diesel. Second owner –purchased in 2011 with 114,000 miles –current odometer reads 134,000.

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1981 Manual VW Truck in Nashville TN

1981 Nashville TN
I love this car and it has been my daily driver for 3 years,  I  am only selling because  I  just bought a vanagon and  I  cant have both. Odometer does not work.

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