Two 1981 1.9L Amarillo TX

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Key Ad Information

-Source: Craigslist
-State: Texas
-City: Amarillo
-Asking Price: $4,000
-Contact: (970) 946-0297

Key Vehicle Data

-Model Year: 1981
-Engine: 1.9L V4
-Transmission: Manual
-Miles: Not Listed
-Color: Blue & Grey

Description: This listing is for TWO “identical” trucks, sold together. The black truck has a clean Texas title. The tan truck does not have a title and is being included as a parts vehicle.


The good:
New 1.9L naturally aspirated diesel engine installed late 2008. This was a NEW crate motor, purchased from Audi, and shipped from Germany… not a remanufactured engine… currently has about 4,000 miles on it.
Custom Black/matte silver 16″ wheels
Brand new low profile tires (less than 1,000 miles)
New front shocks and springs 2009 (less than 1,000 miles)
Remanufactured injection pump installed 2008 (approx 4,000 miles)
New glow plugs
Remanufactured injectors (~ 4K miles)
Newer radiator installed 2007
New engine coolant hoses installed, more included
Painted in 2012
New glow plug relay 2015
New black dash kit included, but not installed… Possibly the last one in existence, seriously.
The bad:
Has not been driven much for years, it starts and runs strong, but may sputter or stall after driving fine for a while… I have driven it around town recently, but would not trust it to drive any real distance.
The engine compartment is ugly. the interior is ugly. Once the new black dash kit is installed it would look like a new car… well, a 35 year old new car. it also need new door panels. the original panels are there, but are brown and wavy. Tailgate handle is off, it is included, and there is a second one in the other (tan) truck.


The good:
Nearly 100% complete.
Comes with black removable camper/topper (krylon painted to match black truck for camping)
Has many spare parts for itself, and the black truck. very hard to find bits.
Tires will hold air
The Bad:
No title (bonded title process is started, has been approved by APD. first $150 paid but still requires $100 and final filing… could still go in your name I think?)
Engine is removed and in pieces
would assume that 99% of truck is there. I was going to restore it, but went into motorcycles instead.

I’m done with them. They were fun, but I have other hobbies now.

I have driven Volkswagens exclusively, my entire driving life. As such, I have accumulated books and parts that are very hard to acquire. All of this is included with the sale.

The black truck has been quite reliable in the past. we used to take it on camping trips all over colorado and new mexico. hundreds of miles in snow and freezing cold temps and it never failed us. The newer, larger diesel engine is no race horse but it can tractor it’s way through or out of anything. It used to get 52 mpg pretty easy even with lots of in-town driving. The open exhaust that has been installed has caused the fuel economy to drop down to around 36 MPG, but could easily be corrected by installing baffles, as this engine benefits from a fair amount of back pressure.

I would like to get $4,000 out of the deal.

I am open to REASONABLE OFFERS. I would definitely consider a trade for a running, STREET LEGAL dual-sport or adventure type motorcycle. Would also consider trade for land.


CALL OR TEXT: (97O) 946-O297 *It is a Colorado number, but I live in Amarillo, Texas*

Emails may or may not be seen. I do not check my email very often.


Truck Photos

1981 Amarillo TX

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