Listed below are various places online to find Volkswagen Rabbit Pickup Truck Parts for sale.  You will find used components along with new parts & accessories.  At the bottom of this list you will also find a unique restoration / repair business.


eBay Motors

 to go directly to the eBay results page. You can also see some of the tops results in the box below.

Click the link above to go directly to the Volkswagen Rabbit Pickup parts page on Amazon. This includes the following model years; 1980, 1981, 1982, 1983.


Car Parts Discount offers a variety of interior and exterior parts for 1980 – 1983 VW Rabbit Pickups.



California Pacific JBUGS offers VW Rabbit Truck Interior Parts including carpet kits, door panels, seat upholstery, headliners and other miscellaneous interior items.

The Rusty Rabbit Inc. is a VW Rabbit Restoration and Repair site that focuses on both Rabbit cars and pickups.


Other Places to Check

  • Local Craigslist
  • Regional Auto Parts Store
  • Volkswagen Dealer


If you have any other unique parts resources, feel free to leave the link in the comments section below.


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